Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What My Hubby said.......cloth diaper......WOAH! :)

I love my husband! As I hear about other husbands, or remember the ex *cringe* I realize that he really is a one of a kind! Now, if I told you he never got on my nerves or made me want to shake him want to go for a nice long walk, I'd be lying.  But I will say we have this relationship: I'm right and he knows it! We agree to disagree! I'm sure I drive him crazy because I get on these 'kicks' and it's like oh oh oh I want I want I want or let's reorganize the whole house in an hour starting five minutes ago.

I will get back to one of my kicks in a moment.

The other day Hubby was on the phone with a very good GUY friend.  They are about to have a baby boy, awww.  I asked him to ask if they were going to cloth diaper or use disposables as we want to get the baby a gift, but I also don't want to throw my cloth diaper at them for them to tuck away.  I want them to fluff it, smell it. wash it, use it, love it just like I do.  Okay so back to the convo.  Dear friend says, "Cloth diaper? Are you kidding me?" So then it starts, he starts to tell him how easy it is, WOAH! I love him.  He tells him how you just put it on, rinse it, store it, wash it, repeat and save loads of money.  Because so many people are afraid to try it, I'm going to do several reviews of products and my 'take' on things. The next thing he asked was how it was for a Mama who was at home.  I am at home yes, but I also work.  I don't wash and clean, I tame wild lions   educate children and teach them skills :) However, as with anything, what works with one, may or may not work with another, but that's the loving thing about cloth diapers now. Use with or without a cover, pocket, all in one.  I could go on and on, but the first one I'm going to describe is a pocket: The Fuzzibunz all in one.

Here's one of the kicks: cloth diapers!
The fuzzibunz:
1.  It comes with two microfiber inserts: one for newborn and one longer.  So when you are out of the newborn stage, just use it as a doubler! SUPER!
2.  You can stuff it with one or with two or with three inserts depending on how long you need it.
3.  It is adjustable at the LEGS and WAIST! It has buttons on the elastic just like adjustable pants for kiddos!
4.  It has snaps so it's easy to get the fit you need!
5.  It's not bulky at all!
6.  Colorful solid colors, Sometimes I wish they had a print.
7.  It adjusts to fit babies 7-36 pounds.  Raileigh is 29 pounds and still has loads of room to go.

So how do you wash/use/etc?
We use them mostly for nap/nighttime/gymnastics time (there's just something about her making a puddle on the floor there..she's always dry, but I don't want to chance it).  So the legs are adjusted for her and so we just stuff them, snap them and go.  We either stuff them with a microterry insert for nap or a microterry and hemp combo at night or bamboo inserts.  You literally lay them on top of each other and place in the pocket.  So let's say Raileigh poops in it.  No big deal.  Unsnap it, shake it in the toilet, spray the fleece with the diaper sprayer that is attached to my toilet so that it's all off, (I rinse in warm water afterwards) place in bin and wait for washtime.  I don't want to touch the poop is probably what you are thinking.  First of all, I didn't touch it and second of all if you read the fine print, it says to flush the poop in the toilet before you dispose of the diaper anyways!  They sell wet bags, but I keep those in her diaper bag and I only use a dollar bucket at home from the dollar store. We actually have two buckets, one for microfleece liners and one for diapers.  The microfleece liners are liners I cut up using microfleece to use when she has a diaper rash.  I use CJs BUTTer cream which is safe, but I use a liner anyways and I wash it separately.  When she's in a pullup or diaper that's disposable, she constantly has a rash.  Now's she rash free!

It's wash time: Cold pre rinse.  HOT wash with one tablespoon of Lulus or whatever safe cloth diaper detergent you use.  (I have used Allens, Rocking Green, Charlie's Soap, and Lulus and my favorite is Lulu's in the Fluff) and additional rinse.  I hang them to dry or throw them in the dryer occasionally.  I normally do this while I'm cooking dinner so it's not like I have to find the time to do it.  I get dinner started, wash the diapers and trainers, and keep on going.

It's just that simple.  We are saving loads of money and we don't have to worry about horrid chemicals near her bum! To us, it's pure bliss or maybe it's just me and the hubby goes along.  He wasn't always on board, but I said I'd just change them all if he hated it and he has realized it's really not a big deal.  We've been on a twenty hour drive to SC from TX and cloth diapered the whole way.  She did poop in one and I just dumped it in the toilet, stored it in the wetbag and kept going.  Our car did not smell like pee or poop nor do the diapers if you rinse them before you store them.  The bag seals shut anyways so it contains a smell if you can't get it rinsed.  I have also used these at football games, it's really no big deal! To all the parents, try it, you might just fall in love and use the money you save to go on a cruise! If you would like to see a picture, look on the lefthand side of the page and click the link, that will take you to a fuzzibunz!

Friday, January 21, 2011

You didn't read the fine print!

In driving to the store today, jamming to some Rayna Rose and Matt the Electrician, listening to my daughter sing along was lovely.  We get to Wal-mart, parked the car, open the door, and get out.  You know the typical routine stuff. *Alarm beeps VERY loudly to cover the word I almost let slip in front of my two year old* Back up...I open the door and foot almost steps ON A POOPY DISPOSABLE DIAPER! GROSSGAGBARFTHROWUPINYOURMOUTHALITTLE! Seriously, this is a close park.  Why in the name of your child who's poopy diaper you just changed, could you not have walked twenty feet to throw it away! Oh wait, I know: because you didn't read the fine print! If you would read the little print on a pack of disposable diapers, you would find that the directions read dear genius please throw the turd in the toilet and flush you must dispose of feces in the toilet before trashing the diaper.Yes you read that right! Why on earth would I do that??? Okay, I'll be completely honest, I haven't always flushed the poop either, but I sure didn't leave it in the parking lot for someone to step on in their brand new NEW BALANCE! Okay, back to why we are flushing he poop! This is because human waste is not supposed to go in the trash, where it can seep into ground water etc.  Would you care for a fresh glass of ice water next door to Wal-mart at Chilis? Or wait, maybe a glass of fresh tea that they used tap water to make. MMM Tastey! So I write this in saying, we're cloth lovers and so glad that we are! You can be assured that our poop goes in the sewer where it should!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear God, She didn't get the Memo, Love, yours truly

Okay, so I'm a people watcher, I admit.  I moved from the lovely four seasoned South Carolina to the hot Texas with a few cold days four years ago.  I was in culture shock.  I moved from a city where everything was at my fingertips to plan your trip because it's at least thirty miles away. 

I'll get to the titled part in a minute, I want to bore entertain you for a few. 

I'm also a teacher, so I became a great children watcher.  I have this list of "I'm never naming my child THAT" because let's face it, there's just so many times you can get bitten or slapped or told NO! before you scratch that darlings name on their list.  And then there are those families.  You know there's at LEAST ten one in every school: Dear God, please don't let them conceive anymore! The gene pool is too shallow and we're drowning in an inch of stupidity!

So here's my story: I was at Wal-mart people watching as you'd say when I heard a Mama tell another Mama this:
Mama A: I can't believe your child still has a paci! (My head jerked around, almost completely off my shoulders..because yes my 2.5 year old still has her paci. For Goodness sakes people, I HAVE TO SLEEP! Note: Mama A's child had coke in a sippy cup.)
Mama B: I know.  I am going to try to get her off this weekend! (I think haha me too, yeah right!)
Mama A: Did I tell you Charlene is pregnant with her seventh child? I reckon I'm going to have that one at my house too, she just ain't got time since she's always alookin' for a job.  (Then it hit me Mama A is Granny! And folks, this is that family that really needs to STOP having kids)

And I so gladly in my best southern accent wanted to so kindly tell Granny that when she took her daughter to get her tubes tied, got the milk out of the sippy cup, and started raising her grandkids rather than the TV, that she could tell Mama B to get the paci from the child. 

So then I started to pray:

Dear God, She didn't get the memo from the teachers that she shouldn't have any more offspring.  Iunior will come to school knowing his ABCs yet, all he can do to the teacher is barely sing the song and Lord, please teach her child that LMNOP is not ONE LETTER, but five! Love, Yours Truly

I decided not to tell Granny what I thought for fear that she'd bite me with her one tooth and I might get rabies an infection where she bit me! On another thought, I wonder if Raileigh wants to go to Granny's house for a week to get rid of the paci..Afterall, one week of pure heck is what it took to get the child off the bottle! As my child walks into kindergarten with her paci in her hand for naptime, I shall frame my MOTHER OF THE YEAR award and come home and enjoy my bon bon!