Friday, January 21, 2011

You didn't read the fine print!

In driving to the store today, jamming to some Rayna Rose and Matt the Electrician, listening to my daughter sing along was lovely.  We get to Wal-mart, parked the car, open the door, and get out.  You know the typical routine stuff. *Alarm beeps VERY loudly to cover the word I almost let slip in front of my two year old* Back up...I open the door and foot almost steps ON A POOPY DISPOSABLE DIAPER! GROSSGAGBARFTHROWUPINYOURMOUTHALITTLE! Seriously, this is a close park.  Why in the name of your child who's poopy diaper you just changed, could you not have walked twenty feet to throw it away! Oh wait, I know: because you didn't read the fine print! If you would read the little print on a pack of disposable diapers, you would find that the directions read dear genius please throw the turd in the toilet and flush you must dispose of feces in the toilet before trashing the diaper.Yes you read that right! Why on earth would I do that??? Okay, I'll be completely honest, I haven't always flushed the poop either, but I sure didn't leave it in the parking lot for someone to step on in their brand new NEW BALANCE! Okay, back to why we are flushing he poop! This is because human waste is not supposed to go in the trash, where it can seep into ground water etc.  Would you care for a fresh glass of ice water next door to Wal-mart at Chilis? Or wait, maybe a glass of fresh tea that they used tap water to make. MMM Tastey! So I write this in saying, we're cloth lovers and so glad that we are! You can be assured that our poop goes in the sewer where it should!

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