Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear Mom

Me and My beautiful Mom

Dear Mom,

All my life, I looked up to you as a role model.  All my life, I wanted to be just like you! You were an amazing Christian example and you taught me great morals and life lessons. You have always been the first person I call when I need advice and I thank you for always helping me sort through the pros and cons of each situation.   

You taught me to treat others the way I wanted to be treated.  You taught me to look inside people's hearts and not look at their skin or sexuality.  You taught me to love from within and you taught me to look at life's beauty.  

You always make sure I am okay in everything that I do and you gave me wings to fly and become a woman.  You always became Mom to my friends and you drove us wherever we wanted to go before we had our license! You opened your home to love and you always were a positive role model in my life.  

You have never once judged me for mistakes or disappointments.  You have always been an ear and have always been the rock that keeps me going.  You put up with my stubborn and strong willed ways as well as my eye rolling teenager days where I swore you were turning into Grandma! Guess what? At this moment in time, I am turning into you and it's a blessing!

You taught me what it was like to be the PERFECT mother and you gave me an amazing childhood.  You never once looked tired, you never once complained when you were sick, and you just kept going and painting a million memories for me.  You made me a priority and you always made me feel loved!
Thank you for painting a beautiful life for me! Thank you for always being my shoulder no matter what the situation was! 

You are an amazing Grandma to Raileigh and you have painted a million memories with her already! Thanks for being awesome! 
My beautiful Mom with my beautiful daughter

I love you, xoxo, Jamie

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  1. I am lucky to have such a great wife and such a great mother in law. Jamie and Carol, I love you both. Thank you for everything you have given to make our family happy!