Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Message to my Daughter

You are so beautiful! Photo by Scott Stevens Photography

Dear Raileigh,

I am so proud to be your Mom! As Mother's Day approaches, I want you to read that I love you to the moon in back.  You are my mini me, you are so much like me at times it's like looking at myself in the mirror.  At times, I think the only thing that makes you like Daddy is the fact that you don't like to sleep.  Daddy didn't either as a child.  You are strong willed and passionate, you are stubborn and loving, you are everything and more than perfect to us. 

This is one of our first pictures taken together. 

When Mommy had you, they said that you would have to have heart surgery, but you defied the odds.  At one year old, your PDA heart murmur closed and to this day your VSD is still open.  You have grown past the failure to thrive and turned into an amazing young lady.  They also said you may have problems learning but you are right on top of where you should be for your age.  You are so smart and we are proud of who you are.

So Perfect even from the start!
Recently, we were at a gathering and you overheard two adults ((that you admire greatly) mocking another adult ( that you admire greatly) because he was in a wheelchair.  I heard the conversation, but noticed you were not 'listening' so I said nothing.  The next day, I learned you did however hear what was being said because you asked me why so and so was making fun of so and so because he was in a wheelchair. My response was I'm not sure, but it sure wasn't nice.   You also said that it would make your friend Rachel very sad because she was in a wheelchair too.  In that instance, it reminded me how easily those around you make an impression.  In that moment, it made me realize you got something that most adults do not.  It is not okay to make fun of someone who is handicapped no matter if they brought the handicap upon themselves or were born handicapped.  I took that instance to remind you of the Golden Rule.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.

I have also told you, my princess, on many occasions that you will meet people that are not so nice, but to use your love to rise above them.  There are times I wish I could wrap a bubble around you  and protect you from the world.

If only life were this magical all the time...

That's one of the reasons Mommy chose to stay home with you. I wanted to make sure you got morals that would last a lifetime.  I wanted you prepared for the future and I wanted to make sure I was there for all your firsts.

People often make the comment that you are so attached to Mommy and Daddy and all about Mommy and Daddy.  I am okay with that because I think it's important to need your parents as a child.  We don't like to see you upset and crying.  It breaks our hearts just as much as it breaks yours!

This year you were in dance once a week and away from Mommy for the first time ever.  You walked in the first day like such a big girl and like you owned the classroom.  On the second day of class, you said that you would drive yourself to dance when you were six.  I told you that I really hoped that your bike didn't have a flat tire on the way.  You have grown your big girl wings and are ready to take on the world.

Your First Dance Pictures Photography by Scott Stevens Photography

Recently at your very first dance recital, you got to stay in a room with your friends from dance and two new teachers and get ready together and hang out until you had performed both your dances.  I went to get you at dress rehearsal and you looked up at me and said, "Mom, why are you here? I am okay.  I am with my new teachers and we are having fun!" I told you I was there because it was time to go and you were okay with that.  In that instance, I also knew that you were going to be okay.  In everything that you do you will be amazing.  It doesn't mean that at times you will not disappoint me, but you are going to rock this world just like the princess you are!

Until about a month ago, you said when you grew up you wanted to be a princess.  Now you say with your big blue eyes shining bright, that you want to be a pediatrician just like yours, Dr. Hilbert.  That makes my heart smile with happiness to know that you look up to him so much!

Your Professional Role Model

You never meet a child that's a stranger.  Wherever we are you always seek out children to play with and to include in what you are doing.  You look at each child with an open mind and you make us so proud always including everyone you are around in your playtime.

You can be shy around adults, though.  Until we hand you a microphone or get you on stage.  You are a performer and you love to entertain.  Since you were a tiny tot, your favorite thing about Daddy's concert is going on stage and helping him conduct.  Recently, at an academic banquet, you got on stage and sang a tune from Jack and the Neverland Pirates.  A year ago, you sang God our Father at a band banquet and this year you also beamed with pride as you danced your dances in front of an audience.  This is another trait from Daddy.  He loves to entertain others :).

You love roller coasters! You love to sing! Your favorite music is folk and you love to rock out to Raina Rose.  You love to dance and you love gymnastics.

You also have your future husband picked out.  Not long ago, we were at HEB and you got a buddy buck to put in the machine and after you collected your points you said that you wished you had more.  Out of nowhere came a brown eyed boy who gave you his buddy bucks and points.  He then proceeded to open the door for you.  I told you to make sure when you dated and got married that you married a guy that looked out for you and opened the door for you because your Daddy still opens the door for me.  You looked at me and said that you would train R.J. to do that.  I think it's amazing that you already have love for a perfect little gentleman. 

The future husband is very handsome indeed!

My sweet pea, my angel, in everything that you do, I want you to do it to your best ability.  I want you to always be nice to those around you.  I want you to be that exceptional person that you are.  Your strong willed and stubbornness as well as your love and compassion will continue to help you blossom into an amazing young lady.  I am so proud that God chose YOU to be my DAUGHTER.  I will never stop being proud of you.
At your Recital: Daddy and I are super Proud of you!
I love you,

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  1. Jamie, your gift with words never ceases to amaze me. You are an amazing mother to our precious girl. You are an amazing wife to me. You are the glue that holds our family together in this crazy life. I love you for all that you do and for all that you are. Thank you for the blessings you have brought to my life.