Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lots of Ladybugs! Counting by Fives

Lots of Ladybugs! by Michael Dahl is a children's book that emphasizes counting by fives to fifty.

Throughout the book, as it introduces the numbers by five, it has them hidden in the picture.  The above picture shows five to the right of the ladybug.  

  It also has the number words in the book to help with number recognition.  On each page the ladybugs have five spots so you can add or multiply by fives.  

The end of the book had some fun ladybug facts! One fact was the colors of the ladybugs.  We looked up pictures of ladybugs that are pink, orange, yellow, gray, black and blue. 

Below you will find our sight words and reading rule that we worked on throughout this book.  

Sight words: 
It's an easy reading story that your beginning reader can help you read.  Some of the sight words are like, on, my, of, the, red, etc.  

Reading Rule:
If you are working on words with silent e, your can help your child decode the words.  
Silent e rule: Silent e at the end of the word makes the vowel say it's name.  
Examples of words: like, line, five, race

Click here for a ladybug craft.  

Click here for another poem by Jean Warren (Preschool Express)


Lady bug, lady bug, crawl, crawl, crawl.
Lady bug, lady bug, on the wall.
Lady bug, lady bug, look out don’t fall!
                                    Jean Warren

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