Thursday, August 9, 2012

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

In March, we took our mini to Disney for the first time.  The magical moments were amazing. She was so over the moon for princesses and it was so magical to see her quickly fall in love with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  She decided in Disney, that her fourth birthday would be a Minnie Mouse pool party.  Well her birthday is in July, in Texas and gosh it's soooo hot here, but she wasn't having any other  party than a Minnie Mouse pool party.  Fast Forward to July, it started raining and didn't stop.  Even the morning of it poured down rain so we had a Plan B just in case.  Magically right before her party it stopped and the sun came out, so she got the best of both worlds  She got the swampy yard pool party and the games inside. At first she wanted a red and white party and later decided she wanted to throw some pink in.

I first started by making Minnie and Mickey Mouse hats for all the guests.  I got some black foam sheets from Hobby Lobby and straight edged one side and glued them on party hats that I picked up from Dollar Tree.  The Minnies had cute little red and white bows that I just tied a knot in the center and hot glued on.  VOILA! The girl hats were silver and gold and the boys were red and blue.

Inside the goodie bags are bubble baths.  I used pink bubble bath inside clear containers and added Minnie and Friends stickers.  They also had some candy

The boy hats

The girl hats

Next I made a Happy Birthday banner.  I got Mickey Mouse scrapbook paper from hobby lobby and used the black foam to make the banner.  The scrapbook Paper says Happy birthday and the ears say Raileigh. 

This was the Minnie Mouse Timer Game.  I took a brown lunch bag and glued the Minnie Mouse ears to the front of it(like pictured above) and put a timer inside.  They passed it for ten seconds and whoever had the bag when the timer went off was out.  They went from here and got to choose their ears and played the Say Cheers for Hopping Ears Game.  They put their ear hats on and raced down our hallway in potato sacks.  I Can't believe I don't have any pictures of the hoppers!
The Minnie Mouse Timer Bag

The starting circle ages one and up. 

The last two in the timer game.  It was SERIOUS!

We then played a bean bag toss game. i  took a red bucket and glued Minnie ears on it and they got to toss in four bean bags, two red and two black.  
The red basket with Minnie ears for the bean bag toss.  
We then played pin the bow on Minnie.  I took the red and white ribbon and made little bows and cut out a minnie head from black construction paper.

There were balloons everywhere the the long Happy Birthday balloons because a balloon sword fight.  

The cakes, Thanks Debbie!

Silly Faces with Party Hats

The Birthday Kiddo Crew

And I mentioned it was a pool party, here's some pool pics!


The birthday princess


Happy Birthday Raileigh!
Enjoying cake

Presents Time! Thanks to everyone who came out and made her day special and to those that sent gifts in the mail. We love you all!

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