Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love...

I love this blog! I love that I can write down whatever I want and it doesn't matter one way or another.  You can read it or not, but at least I'm back to doing one thing I love a.ka. sharing my opinion! I love that I can write whatever/whenever and it doesn't matter!

I love kindergarten kids.  I love the desire to learn.  I love teaching reading/writing.  I love the making connections.  I even loved the first day screamers/criers and parents that sealed their kisses with a stamp so the kids would have a great first day! What I didn't realize after my first day teaching kindergarten is that this would be me someday! If you told me, on my first day as a kindergarten teacher that I would stay home one day with my children, I may have decked you.  I never saw myself as a stay at home Mom.  Teaching fourth grade (oh by the way, those kids are graduating this school year.  When did I get old? ), Four years in kindergarten, remarrying a man who I can honestly say is my best friend, teaching third grade, and getting pregnant is when it hit me that this is what I wanted to do.

I didn't want to send my kid to an unsafe daycare.  I didn't want someone else to raise my child while I raised others. I wanted to be selfish.  I wanted to see the first steps, hear the first words, get all the smiles, hugs, cries. I wanted to be selfish.  What I LOVED even more is that my husband was okay with that.  He was okay with me taking a $42,000 pay cut to stay a home. Remind him of this now and he may make me get three jobs! He was okay with not getting the extras in life to be able to come home and hold me accountable for Raileigh.  I mean let's face it, if he has one problem with the way she's being raised, he can talk to me about it all night.

What I love even more than teaching fourth grade/first/kindergarten/third/etc., is teaching my child. I love watching the world evolve right before her eyes. I love hearing her language develop and her big girl talk.  I love her potty 'learning' and I love her tantrums. I love all of it because it is who she is.  Some people have a misconception about stay at home Moms.  I'm not Peggy Bundy. I don't sit on a couch all day and eat bon bons.  I could go off on a tangent about this because I assure you I had it made teaching with a uninterrupted lunch and a planning period.  There are days that I want to run to work and then I hear a giggle and it reminds me how special being a Mommy is.  I got to capture that giggle in my head and cherish it in my heart.  There are days I wish Patrick could stay home just to witness it.  I can only hope that I capture enough pictures to show him how awesome she is. Yes Mom and Dad, you love me because you sent me to Clemson to acquire a degree in Early Childhood Education so I could become a Stay at Home Mom.  I promise it will not be forever :)

And then when Raileigh was one, I decided she needed someone to play with/to learn with/to grow with and that's when I decided to open a preschool in my home.   Last year, I had another one year old and a four year old.  It was the most amazing experience to watch these kids learn to talk/read/write and socialize.  I was very blessed that two teachers wanting me to capture their child's learning and share it with them through pictures and activities.  This year I have a two year old full time and a two and four year old part time.  I now pick up a five year old (who was four last year) from school once a week.  I love my job! I love measuring success in how many times I cleaned up poop and pee. I love watching these kids read/write/communicate and learn.  I LOVE the giggles and the "i love you's" to me and to each other.  I love the fact that they treat each other with respect one minute and scream mine the next.  I love watching these minis develop their personalities.  I'ts amazing! I love watching two and four year olds read and if you tell me they can't I'm going to prove you wrong!

I got to witness this  yesterday:
He's two! :)

She's two! :)
He's four! :)
She's two! :)
I love teaching these kids to learn to love and I love learning along the way! I love life and it's all about what you make of it! Not everyday is a rose petal, but let's face it, the grass is only greener on the other side  

because the septic tank overflowed!

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