Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Is Yours Truly?

Just a little FYI: I don't proofread these so if you're here for grammar, there is a nice x button in the top right hand corner of your screen, that will save you the annoyance! Just read between the lines, I don't have time to edit these posts, I spend that time being a Mommy!
I am me! I'm a Carolina girl born to two amazing parents, one amazing sister, and an amazing brother.  I have amazing nieces, nephews, and in laws.  I love my family and if you mess with them, I may haunt you :)
I'm a transplant in South Texas where we have four season: hot, hotter, hot as Hades, and Christmas.  I'm a teacher by heart and I'm a Stay at Home Mom who runs a very simple preschool in my home.  I love my job, but I must admit there are days where I feel like my little ones will tie me up, pee all over, and SHOUT super children to the top of their lungs while they pull all the toilet paper off the roll and flush me and my head down the toilet.  Aren't you jealous? Nevermind, I know you are because  99 percent of the time, it's all giggles, learning, and random hugs and kisses.
My husband is my rock unless he's sick and then I want to ship him home to his Mom's house.  He works hard to support our family and is very supportive of  me. 
I have one amazing, opinionated, mini me who is two and she's fabulous.  Her name is Raileigh and it's amazing to see the world through her eyes.  She's a CHD warrior (VSD and PDA) <congenital heart defects> and she has horrid acid reflux.  She's takes gymnastics and she's an amazing boss :)
I secretly want Angelina Jolie's money so that I can rescue all the babies from Reece's Rainbow.  I'd love to own an orphanage.  I'd love to take all the kids without a Mommy and Daddy and give them the life they deserve!
In my ideal world, I own a dress up boutique, where I sell tutus, bows, cowboy hats, birthday cards, etc where kids can dress up and have their picture taken.  I love taking pictures and I will drive you crazy constantly having my flash in your face.
I'm also very opinionated so many sentiments from yours truly can be found here.  ENJOY!


  1. You have been sucked into the blog world too! Welcome to having one more thing to do every day. hahaha