Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I think it's somehow instinctual for her!

Beautiful Mountains! :)

For the past week, my child has been obsessed with mountains and Dollywood.  I think it must be instinctual for her to love the mountain atmosphere.  Did I persuade her somehow when I was pregnant that the mountains were the best?

Or maybe it's this nice lovely fall weather we're having here.  I have to say this.  I DISLIKE HURRICANE SEASON! The rain, the mosquitoes, the following the path to make sure we don't have to evacuate, I just don't like it and apparently she doesn't either.  She woke up, looked out the window, and said, "Mommy, it's raining again.  I want Dollywood today!" I said, "Me too pumpkin, but it's too far away!" Raileigh says, "My Papa will take me!" and that's been her answer for getting there for the past week.  Dear Dad, please send a plane ticket and Dollywood tickets for Raileigh.  She needs out of the mosquitoes and rain! Love, Jamie

If only it were that easy right? But what's not to miss about the mountain in the fall?  The leaves changing color, the crisp mountain air, the wind blowing your hair, the cold mountain water, white water rafting, apple picking, pumpkin farms, hot spring jacuzzis! I could go on for days! What's not to love?

Fun rides!
Going on a bear hunt!

What's not to love?
And then it dawned on me while I'm writing this, where the connection is coming from.  After we came off the train ride at Dollywood, it started to rain! We ate lunch and then rode rides and had a fun filled day because the rain stopped.  I wish a train ride would make the sun come out.  We need sunshine! And I wish Dollywood were much closer, I'd take her back today! :) Family filled fun times are the best! Living life through her eyes is PRICELESS!

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